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The "Restaurant & Bar Growth Secrets" Interview

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Interview Transcript

I’d love to welcome everyone to the Restaurant Growth Secrets Show. 

On the show we talk with the world's top experts at growing Restaurants and Bars.

Today we’re welcoming back Scott Duncan. 

Scott is the Owner and CEO at Golden State Web Consulting, an online marketing firm focused on growing restaurants and bars using digital marketing.

In this interview, Scott is going to walk us through the unique way that they’ve been able to help their Bar and Restaurant clients multiply their monthly revenue using a unique and strategic online marketing Strategy.

Hi Scott. Welcome back to the Show!

Scott: Thanks Drew, it’s an honor to be back here sharing our latest service with your audience. I’m excited to get into it!

Drew: Ok first big question.
What led you to starting Golden State Web Consulting and why do you focus on working with restaurants and bars?

Scott: Well Drew,  during Covid I began to notice how restaurants were really struggling to survive, many of which didn’t survive. A lot of restaurants don’t have a strong online presence or a system for marketing to their existing customers.

So I started digging into how I could help restaurants and bars with digital marketing.

I realized many restaurants that had been in business for a number of years have a database of customers. 

I already had clients in other niches that we were having a tremendous amount of success

marketing to their client list, so just applied what I had learned to restaurants. The results have been outstanding! 

Drew: So what kind of bars and restaurants do you work with specifically?

Scott: We typically work with restaurants and bars that are located in bigger cities that have been in business for at least 3 years and have a list of customers of 500 or more.

We focus on getting those customers that already love our restaurant clients to come in more often and spend more when they do come in. It’s easier and more cost effective than getting a brand new customer.

Drew: I love it. So let’s get to the part everyone is waiting for. I’d like for you to walk us through the “Profit Pipeline” strategy that you put in place for all of your restaurants and bars.

What is the core framework of your system?

Scott: We call it our “Profit Pipeline” and we focus on one key component in every restaurant or bar that we work with.. This key component keeps our clients front center with the customers that already love them. 

Our ultimate goal is getting existing customers to come back more often and spend more every visit. 

Drew: Ok so, explain to our audience how this works!

Scott: Our clients already have an email list of at least 500 customers. We write an email a week, what that email does is when someone is actually getting that email , meaning your existing customers, but you are sending out that email weekly, that reminds them that you actually care about them! That you are actually trying to get them good stuff all the time and makes them want to come in and enjoy what your restaurant has to offer.

So it up’s your brand with those customers. Here’s what it also does, you would not believe how many people are out there right now thinking they need to come in and see you! But it’s sort of on the “back burner”, so to speak. 

Every time you send one of these emails, it gets you moving up in their priority list. Because they say, “you know what, we love this place and we don’t go often enough”! That gets them coming in. Just the extra touch with people every single week is huge!!

The problem with most businesses and why they don’t do this themselves with their existing customer list is this… It’s because they get busy, and writing these emails can be hard unless you are super trained to do that!

What we do is we write these newsletters for you every single month. We will write one a week, every single week!

They will be highly targeted to your audience, they will be highly relevant to your audience and also relevant to the time of year.

So I would love to put this into place for anyone listening.

Drew: I love all of that. So what do you consider a successful result of this system at the end of every month? 

Scott: Our goal within the first two months of implementation is to add 5 to 10 times what they are spending with me to the bottom line of our restaurant and bar clients. 

If you don’t see results in the first month we will give you your money back and you can cancel anytime.

Drew: Ok… so lets say that a restaurant or bar wants to get started with your system.
Where do they go to sign up? 

Scott: We are pretty busy at this time, but If anyone wants to apply to become a client all you have to do is go to and message me using the Contact Box. I will get back to them within 48 hours.

Drew: What happens once a new restaurant or bar signs up? What is the onboarding process like? 

Scott: The day someone signs up with us, we have them select a point of contact in their business. This is going to be our connection to the business and someone who can handle getting us everything we need. 

This helps because it takes the pressure off of busy managers and owners so that they don’t have to be that person. 

Typically we are ready to have the first months emails approved and set up to start sending within 2 weeks.

The best part is that once it gets to working, it's pretty hands off for the business owner, manager, and the employees. We take care of everything and it just brings in a lot of new business.

Drew: If you could give any piece of advice to a restaurant or bar owner who was looking to grow using the internet besides all of the good stuff you’ve already laid out… what would that advice be?

Scott: My advice to the restaurant and bar owners out there is to start reaching out to your list of customers. If you don’t have a list, reach out to us and we discuss how we can help.

Drew: I love it!!
And to everyone listening, I hope that you’ve learned a ton from our interview with Scott today. I’ve got a bunch of notes that I’ve been taking as we go and I can’t wait to share this with a few of my friends.

Scott, thanks for being with us today on the show.

And like Scott said, if you have any questions, you can find Scott at

Thanks for listening to the Restaurant Growth Secrets Show. We’ll see you next time.

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