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Discover the Powerful Done-For-You System that gives your existing Billboard Marketing, Superpowers and Drives 5x more Customers to your Medical Spa Practice.

(All while avoiding the 3 most common mistakes that force customers to choose your competition instead.)


You already understand how powerful billboard ads are.

What you might not realize is how much money you're leaving on the table if the only call to action that is on your billboard ad is a phone number or a link to your website.

It's Estimated that Medical Spas currently miss out on 80% of the leads they could be capturing every week with their billboard advertisements. This is because the vast majority of potential clients aren't ready to pick up the phone the moment they see your ad.

And because of that fact, Medical Spas waste the vast majority of their money on their billboard ads due to 3 fatal mistakes (this is what is keeping your ad from delivering 5x more monthly leads to your office).

There are 3 fatal mistakes that Medical Spas make when advertising with billboards to grow their practice.


Fatal Mistake #1: 

Losing 80% of the traffic that your Billboard Ads are generating because you only provide a phone number to call or link to website.

You're spending the money to get your face and business out there. The problem is that over 80% of the leads generated are getting lost in the mix because your advertisements are pointing them to the contact methods that they aren't ready to use yet (Your Phone Number). You're getting phone calls from the 20% that are ready now, but what happens to the 80% that need a little more information before they call? 

The Answer: We lose them if we don't have a good lead capture system (See fatal mistake #2).

Fatal Mistake #2: 
You don't have a website designed to capture leads.

Most of the people that see you your billboard ad aren't ready to dial your number right now. You need a giveaway that they can sign up for so you can capture the lead, without them needing to actually call your phone. If you don't have one of these you're leaving 80%+ of your leads on the table.

And just as important, is that that lead capture system must be mobile friendly.


Fatal Mistake #3: 
You don't have an automated system to follow up with interested leads that haven't called yet.

Once your billboard ad and lead capture system does all the work to attract and capture the lead, you want to make sure that you have an automated follow-up system that reminds the lead to call your office over the next few days (via educational follow ups). 

You also want to make sure that the system alerts your staff and reminds them to personally follow up with the lead.

It’s easy to see why so many Medical Spas fall into these traps. This isn't something that the billboard ad firms are talking about because optimizing their ads isn't something that they are focused on every day.

We've made Billboard Ad Optimization for Medical Spas our business.

And we created a powerful system that was custom built to help Medical Spas just like you get more out of their Billboard Ads every single month.

So how does our Special "Billboard Ad Upgrade System" fix those issues and help you get more Clients into your Medical Spa Practice every single week?


Benefit #1: 
You capture more daily leads with your billboard ads with a powerful automated sales funnel.

Not only will you capture the business that the billboard ad has already been generating, you'll also start building a pipeline of leads that our automated system will nourish until they are are ready to call and become a client.

Benefit #2: 
You get instant calls and leads that get put into a "warming up" pipeline.

You don't have to sacrifice what is already working. Our system allows you to get all of the benefit of your existing billboard ads, while adding in an automated "sales nourishing" element that will capture 5x more leads each and every month.


Benefit #3: 
An automated follow up sequence works while you sleep to convert leads into new clients.

When a lead comes into the system by signing up on the special webpage that we've setup for you, they'll go into an automated followup campaign which will serve to educate them about you and your process. This helps them to get over the fence and pick up the phone and call your office.

Benefit #4: 
Your office has a brand new supply of leads to call every day which are ready to convert into paying clients.

One of the biggest benefits of the system that we set up is that your staff gets instant notifications anytime someone fills out the form after they see your billboard ad. This allows your staff to follow up fast and answer any questions that are holding the lead back.


Benefit #5: 
All of the above happens without you having to do anything extra. You get to focus more on helping clients.

The best part is that you don't have to do anything else. The entire system is set up to run without you having to put in any extra work whatsoever. Once we train your staff, they'll know exactly how to use the system to their advantage without adding any more than a few minutes of work to their work week (following up with hot leads via phone).

Got Questions before you Sign Up? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the "Billboard Ad Upgrade System" actually work?

Our team custom creates a funnel for your practice that uses powerful online software and a set of systems that we developed in house over the last 5 years. This system captures leads, follows up with those leads, and sends alerts to your in-house team anytime that a new leads signs up. We also work with you in an hour long onboarding call to create a special "lead capture giveaway" that will increase the number of leads you get and brand your practice as elite over your local competition.

How long after I sign up does it take to set up?

We get to work within 2 business days after your sign up on this page. We know how important it is to move fast and that's why we don't wait around. Our system is something that we've got down to a science. We'll get in touch with you within 48 hours of signup, get everything built within two weeks, and have you up and running from there. You'll should start seeing results within the first 7-14 days of the system being live.

Do I have to sign a Contract to try this out?

Not at all. If you prefer to sign a contract, we are absolutely able to make that happen. What we don't do is lock you into a monthly payment for the next year. We stand behind our results and we don't need a contract because we don't need to lock our clients into anything to keep them onboard. 

Is this going to add work to my plate (or my staff's plate)?

Not at all. We will train your staff to work with the system in under an hour a week. That hour is typically spent following up with the leads that the system delivers to your office. Other than followup with leads, you or your staff will never have to log in or interact with any technology. It just works and it keeps working.

What if I want to Cancel after 2-3 months?

We highly recommend that you give the system 4-6 months to reach it's full potential. While you're going to start seeing results within the first two weeks of getting everything set up, you won't see the full potential of the system right away. The reason this is the case is that the leads generated will convert at various timelines. You'll see some call right away. Some will convert in the first 1-2 weeks. Some will be converted by the system 6-12 months into the follow up campaign. The longer you run the system the more it delivers to your practice every month.

Got Questions before you Sign Up? 

Contact us at (888) - 764-4624

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