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The Tale of the Empty 
Chiropractic Waiting Room.

 How Dr Weegan turned his Empty Chiropractic Practice around with a simple, but powerful "Website".

Part 1: 
The Chiropractor that was having trouble adjusting to  an increase in competition because of an old website.


This is Dr Sam Weegan.

(a cartoon version of him anyway)

Dr Sam is a 15 year veteran Chiropractor that had built a successful practice in a small town in the Southern United States. He built a practice on top of his reputation of being a gentle and caring doctor who would get you well fast and not keep you coming back to his office unless you absolutely needed it.

His patients loved him and he loved them back just as much. Dr Sam was a skilled adjuster and had become a town favorite over his 15 year career.

Things were going well for Dr Sam and he didn't have to do much to market his practice because his existing patients were always sending their friends and family to his small office. 

In January of 2022, everything changed.

Dr Sam's began to notice that his phone was ringing less and his daily traffic at his practice was staring to decline.

Dr Sam started wonder what was happening.  He discovered after using Google to search for chiropractors in his area that there a significant number of new chiropractors in his area.

Their websites were new, easy to navigate and attractive. His old WIX website couldn't hold a candle to his competitors websites. But he didn't know what to do or who to trust to help him fix it.

Dr Sam noticed that when he would try to go to his website his browser would give him a warning that the site that he was about to open was not secure. He didn't know what that meant but he new it wasn't good if his potential patient couldn't even visit his site.

After 4 months of declining business, Dr Sam was getting worried...

Because his practice was failing to recover, money was starting to get extremely tight. Sam was getting desperate and he knew that he was going to have to do something fast to turn things around or he was going to be in trouble.

The Night a random Facebook Post changed everything for Sam.

One night while Dr Sam was browsing Facebook before falling asleep, he ran across a post from a fellow Chiropractor that he had gone to school with. It seemed that his friend had recently gotten extremely busy in his office. The friend posted all about it in a private Facebook group and was now sharing what he had done that was working in his practice  with his fellow ex-classmates.

It all centered around a special "website".

Part 2: 
The clever "website" that changed Dr Sam's Luck and saved his Practice.


Inside of the private Facebook Group, Sam's ex-classmate walked through the new website that had changed everything in his practice. 

It worked like this...

The Special Website

Sam's Chiropractor friend had an old WIX website that he had built when first opening his practice. After 15 years he realized that his website wasn't ranking in Google, it looked old and it slow as well as some other problems. He also realized that he needed to spend his time treating patients, not maintaining a website. So he found someone who was expert at building, maintaining and updating his website so he wouldn't have to waste time figuring it out with only subpar results.

Dr Sam's friend had identified 5 RED Flags that were killing his business: 

  • Red Flag # 1: 
    His old website did not have a valid SSL certificate. Dr. Sam's website has the same exact issue, which causes web browsers to give a warning that the site isn't secure.  

  • Red Flag #2:
    His old website wasn't "mobile optimized". Everyone uses a mobile device these days and if the website they are visiting isn't properly mobile optimized they leave immediately.

  • Red Flag  #3:
    His website didn't have any Google reviews on the homepage. Everyone looks at Google reviews when making a buying decision. If you make them leave your website to find reviews, chances are they won't find their way back to you.

  • Red Flag #4:
    His website page load speed was slow. Potential patients are impatient, visitors want instant gratification so if your website is slow they quickly leave.

  • Red Flag #5:
    His website didn't have legal policy pages. Search engines don't trust websites that don't have the proper privacy policy and terms of service pages in place. If Google doesn't  trust you, they won't show your website high in the search results.

After reading about his friends new found success with his new website, he realized that his website had many of the same problems. Dr Sam decided he needed to upgrade to a new website.

What happened next blew him away.

Part 3: 
What Happened to Dr Weegan's empty waiting room once he had his new special website online.


Within a few week's of Dr Sam upgrading to a new website, he started to see traffic pick up in his office. 

Dr Sam realized that with today's savvy consumers, his website is the most important tool for making a good first impression. Make a bad first impression and they end up going somewhere else.

Dr Sam's office took off and he hasn't looked back since. Dr Sam's website is now a sales generating asset instead of a liability that he didn't know what to do with.

Part 4: 
Want to set up your own 

Special Website to grow your practice?


My team and I love helping businesses grow and we specialize in Chiropractic marketing.

The best part?

As long as you meet these qualifications:

-Been in business for at least 3 years.

-Have an existing website.

You can get started with your own special website for around $500 and we can deliver in 7 working days.

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