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The Tale of the Empty 
Medical Spa Waiting Room.

 How Dr Sally turned her Empty Medical Spa Practice around with a simple, but powerful "VIP Business Card".

Part 1: 
The Medical Spa that was having trouble adjusting to moving to a new town and rebuilding.


This is Dr Sarah Magellan.

(a cartoon version of her anyway)

Dr Sarah is a 15 year veteran providing medical spa services that had built a successful practice in a medium sized city in the Southern United States. She built a practice on top of her reputation of being a gentle and caring doctor who would get you in and out fast and not keep you coming back to her office unless you absolutely needed it.

Her patients loved her and she loved them back just as much. Dr Sarah was a skilled medical spa services provider and had become  well known over her 15 year career.

Things were going well for Dr Sarah and she didn't have to do much to market her practice because his existing patients were always sending their friends and family to her practice. 

In January of 2021, everything changed.

Dr Sarah's dad got sick and she dropped everything to take care of him. Her dad ended up needing a lot of care and since Sarah lived over 5 hours away, she eventually decided that it would be best if she moved herself and her family back to where her Dad now lived to take care of him. It was a tough decision and Sarah and her patients were broken hearted that she would be closing her practice down, but it was the right thing to do.

Dr Sarah got her family moved and set up and was immediately better able to help take care of her dad and manage his day to day life better since she was so close. 

Once she got settled, Dr Sarah started the process of setting up a new Medical Spa Practice near her new home. There was just one big problem. Sarah didn't know anyone in the area and was having to build her practice back up from complete scratch.

After 4 months of a dead waiting room, Dr Sarah was getting worried...

Sarah didn't have a lot of extra time to go out and market her practice because all of his off time was spent taking care of her dad and with her family.

Because of that her practice was failing to take off and money was starting to get extremely tight. Sarah was getting desperate and she knew that she was going to have to do something fast to turn things around or she was going to be in trouble.

The Night a random Facebook Post changed everything for Sarah.

One night while Dr Sarah was browsing Facebook before falling asleep, she ran across a post from a fellow Medical Spa owner that she had gone to school with. It seemed that her friend had recently gotten extremely busy in her office. The friend posted all about it in a private Facebook group and was now sharing what she had done that was working in her practice  with her fellow ex-classmates.

It all centered around a special "Business Card and one page Mini website".

Part 2: 
The clever "Mini-website and Business card" strategy that changed Dr Sarah's Luck and saved her new Practice.


Inside of the private Facebook Group, Sarah's ex-classmate walked through the strategy that she had started to implement that had changed everything in her practice. 

It worked like this...

The Special Business Card and Mini-Website Strategy

Sarah's friend had started giving out a special business card that was a bit different. 

When you hovered your phone over the card , you were taken to a simple, one page, website that had the following information.

A) The Practice's Phone number, address, and hours.
B) The Doctor's Personal Cell Phone Number that could be called anytime after hours.

C) A message that said the holder of the card was entitled to VIP treatment at their office.

The real trick to this was what the Doctor was doing with the cards on a daily basis.

  • Step 1: 
    The Doctor gave 5 "Hold this next to your Phone in case of Emergency" cards to each of her best existing patients and told them to give them as gifts to their 5 best friends or favorite family members.

  • Step 2: She told them that the person they gave the card to didn't have to be one of his patients. She would answer the phone if they called and treat them like family and see them after hours if they needed it.

  • Step 3:
    The doctor took these cards with her everywhere. If she met someone and they had a good conversation, they got one of the special VIP Cards. This was always a parting gift to people that he talked to and it was always something that people really appreciated.

  • Step 4:
    The Doctor spoke at the 3 major civic groups (Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary) in his own town and handed out the VIP Cards to all of the members each group as a thank you for having her.

  • Step 5:
    The Doctor signed up at her local chamber and made sure that each Chamber employee was given a VIP card.

After reading about the strategy, Dr Sarah got to work. She sourced the special "NFC cards" with the "hover" technology. From there she started implementing the 5 steps with cards.

What happened next blew her away.

Part 3: 
What Happened to Dr Magellan's empty waiting room once she started using the special cards and the "Mini-website".


Within a few week's of Dr Sarah implementing the NFC Business cards, she started to see traffic pick up in her office. 

Her few existing patients were handing their 5 cards out like crazy to their friends and family and it was amazing to see how many of them had been wanting good medical spa services but didn't know one before their friend recommended Sarah and gave them the card.

The Chamber of commerce employees came in almost immediately and became a huge source of referrals right away. They kept coming back to get more of the special cards and passed them out to a ton of the Chamber members.

The local civic organization members also chipped in a huge amount of referrals over the next few months.

Since each new patient was given more cards to pass out to their favorite people, this strategy quickly grew like wildfire.

Dr Sam's office took off and she hasn't looked back since.

Part 4: 
Want to set up your own NFC Business Cards and special Mini-websites to grow your practice?


My team and I love helping businesses grow and we specialize in Medical Spa marketing.

The best part?
You can get started with your own set of NFC Business Cards to use this strategy for around $100. 

Use the contact info below and call or text me. 
We'd be glad to hop on a call and get you set up with your own "VIP Cards" and get you the same kind of results Dr Sarah got.

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