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How we've been helping Savvy Doctors and Lawyers 5-10x the Return on Investment from their existing Radio, TV, Billboard, and Print ads with this Powerful Web Page.


Hello and welcome to the private tutorial.

My name is Scott Duncan and I'm glad you made your way to this page. I'm the owner of boutique digital marketing company called Golden State Web Consulting and we specialize in helping Doctors/Lawyers get more out of their Radio, TV, Billboard, and Print Advertising using some very advanced (but highly affordable) digital marketing techniques. 

Please do me a favor and don't share this with anyone. This is for you (and you alone) to consume and implement in your business.

If you're reading this, it means that you wanted a little more information about how we're helping businesses that are already using Radio, TV, Billboards and Print Advertising to get more customers and to track their ad performance more effectively. What I'm about to walk you through is going to make the advertising that you're already doing 5-10x more effective within the next 30-90 days (and the results will continue for as long as your advertising continues after that).

Why Traditional advertising like Radio, TV, Billboards, and Print continue to be such an effective advertising medium during the Internet age.


Traditional Advertising Mediums like Radio, TV, Billboard, and Print have continued to pack a punch during the age of the internet. While some less savvy business owners have left these mediums and focused strictly on internet based advertising, we've seen a rising effectiveness for those that have stuck with radio.

Why does Traditional Advertising work so well for Small Businesses?

  1.  These "old school ad mediums" continue to have a focus on the local community and, as a result, these mediums stand out in the age of oversaturated internet ads.

  2. The primary "Big Spender" demographics have stuck by radio, tv, and print as a daily companion and as a source for their news and weather.

  3. Multiple Businesses continue to feature local radio, tv, and print as the "background" for their waiting rooms, workspaces, and venues.

  4. Radio and Billboards still have a huge "drive time" audience as people travel to and from work.

In short, Radio still has a massive locally focused listenership and those are the folks that hear a commercial and take action on that information and call to action. All that said, Radio Advertising alone continues to present some serious problems for small businesses utilizing it as a primary customer generation tool.

The Serious Problems that Traditional Advertisers face that cause business owners to abandon the medium (even when it's delivering huge results).

Even though radio, tv, billboards, and print continue to be a huge player in the marketing for small businesses, it isn't without its' major drawbacks. There are two core problems with radio advertising that every small business must overcome when utilizing it as a medium.


The Serious Problems with Radio, TV, Billboards, and Print Advertising

  1. Traditional Advertising is Difficult to Track on it's own.
    Try as we might, it is extremely difficult to measure how effective radio is for a business. Most of us that are utilizing it have a "gut feeling" about how well it's working for us, but we don't really have the numbers to back it up. This is mostly due to the next problem on the list.

  2. The Traditional Advertising "Call to Action" Problem.
    Most radio, tv, billboard, and print ads ask people to call a phone number, come into a business' physical location, or visit the "front page" of a website. All of those present unique problems for tracking whether a customer came from a radio or from another medium. This makes it nearly impossible to track how effective these ads are.

  3. You have to keep paying for Traditional Advertising for it to continue to Work.
    If you "shut the faucet off", you stop getting "water to your business". This is the problem that has plagued traditional advertisers for 50 years now. You have to keep running the ads to keep getting the results through the door. There is no built in way to capture the leads that don't convert right away and "funnel" them into your business over time.

These 3 problems are the reason that we've seen countless small businesses struggle to continue to justify their traditional advertising (even when it's working well for them).

How we 5-10x the Effective ROI of every Radio, TV, Billboard, and Print  Advertising Campaign for our clients using a special kind of webpage and Automated Followup System.


One of the reasons we've been able to deliver huge returns for our clients is the last few years is that we've successfully been able to blend Traditional Advertising with Online Digital Marketing Technology. 

You get the best of both worlds. 

You get the ability to reach all of your best customers on a local level with radio, tv, billboards, and print, as well as the ability to track the effectiveness of your campaigns with online tech. You also get the ability to build a list of interested prospects and "nourish them" into becoming a customer using automated text and email followups.

Our system utilizes a special online sales funnel to do the following:

  1. Radio, TV, Billboards, and Print Ad Success Tracking
    You can now track all of your best leads because they'll enter their information online after they hear your radio ad.

  2. Clear "Calls to Action"
    You can now get all of the regular business you get from your ads as well as send your potential customers to specific pages that aren't generic. These pages offer something of value to the potential customer in exchange for their information. We use that info to follow up.

  3. You make money with the Leads forever.
    Instead of having to continue to advertise to get the results, you're now using your existing traditional advertising to build your own "advertising platform" that you can use forever. Once you have the lead, you can send emails and text to them anytime you want. After 6 months to a year of advertising, our clients "own" their leads and can use that list to drive sales without having to continue tradition mass market advertising on the radio tv, billboards, or print. This truly means the money that you spend now on ads is to build your own platform to communicate with potential customers forever.

That may sound awesome, but how does it all actually work?

How the Online Sales Funnel we're going to build for you gets you Better Results with your Existing Radio Advertising Budget.


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