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The Tale of the Accountant with too many bills and increasing competition.

 How Mrs. Jones turned her Struggling Accounting Practice around with a simple, but powerful "Marketing Strategy".

Part 1: 
The Accountant that was having trouble 

adjusting to an increase in competition .


This is Cynthia.

(a cartoon version of her anyway)

Cynthia is a 9 year veteran accountant that had built a successful accounting practice in a small town in the Midwest, United States. She built a practice on top of her reputation of being fair, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgeable of IRS tax code.

Her clients loved here and she felt like she really made a difference in their lives. Over the years she saw her work pay off in the form of watching her clients get more and more financially stable.

Things were going well for Cynthia and as time went on she had to do less and less to grow her business because her clients were always sending her new clientele in the form of referrals. 

In March of 2022, everything changed.

Cynthia began to notice that her phone was ringing less and daily traffic at her practice was staring to decline.

Cynthia started wonder what was happening.  She discovered after using Google to search for accountants in her area that there a significant number of new accountants in her area.

Their websites were new, easy to navigate and attractive. Her old website couldn't hold a candle to her competitors websites. But she didn't know what to do or who to trust to help her fix it.

The new competition was taking a toll on Cynthia's business. After 4 months of steadily declining business, Cynthia was getting worried.....

Because her practice was failing to recover, money was starting to get extremely tight. Cynthia was getting desperate and she knew that he was going to have to do something fast to turn things around or she was going to be in trouble.

The Night a random Facebook Post changed everything for Cynthia.

One night while Cynthia was browsing Facebook before falling asleep, she ran across a post from a fellow accountant that she had gone to school with. It seemed that her friend had recently gotten extremely busy in her office. The friend posted all about it in a private Facebook group and was now sharing what she had done that was working in her accounting practice  with her fellow ex-classmates.

It all centered around a special "Marketing Strategy" using an asset she already had but wasn't leveraging.

Part 2: 
The clever "Newsletter Marketing" strategy that changed Cynthia's Luck and saved her Practice.


Inside of the private Facebook Group, Cynthia's ex-classmate walked through the strategy that she had started to implement that had changed everything in her accounting practice. 

It worked like this...

The Newsletter Marketing Strategy

Cynthia's ex classmate had started a newsletter for existing clients. 

 It was a simple strategy that involved sending out 1 email a week to the existing clients of the practice with tips and techniques that are relevant to that audience. No hard marketing. No discounts or deals. Just a newsletter style email that got the practice in front of existing clients more than the office would have been if they hadn’t sent it out.

After reading about what her classmate was doing, Cynthia got to work.

Part 3: 
What Happened to Cynthia's Accounting Practice once she started sending out her weekly newsletter to her existing clients.


Within a few week's of Cynthia implementing the weekly newsletter, she started to see traffic pick up on the phone and in her office. 

The result of that one email a week was an average of 25 additional client visits a month.

Cynthia's little accounting office quickly turned into a big one!

Part 4: 
Want to set up your own weekly newsletter to grow your Accounting Practice just like Cynthia?


We’ve found that almost every accounting practice has a database of emails for their client base but doesn’t regularly utilize it as a growth tool. This is usually due to the fact that it can take over an hour to write each of  these weekly emails and it’s very easy for that task to take a back seat to the day to day of running an office.

The best part is you don't have to do this yourself!

I would love the opportunity to speak to you about how we could implement a weekly email newsletter in your office and the logistics of how that works. 

Let me know if you have 15 minutes to chat and I can explain how it all works. Just use the contact info below and call or text me. 

We'd be glad to hop on a call and chat to see if you are a good fit for us to get you the same kind of results Cynthia got.

We guarantee that you’ll make a 5x return on what you spend on us creating the newsletters every month. If you don’t see that in month 1, we’ll refund your money and you can also cancel anytime if it doesn’t continue to deliver results.

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